Nov 14, 2007

Tina, Atlanta GA: She requests prayer for encouragement for her and her fiancé Ron, and deliverance from negativity and the devil’s works.

Peola, Canton, OH: She requests prayer for her son Vernard who has been moved from one jail to another and has lost an expensive pair of tennis shoes in the process. Also pray for protection for him and God’s blessings on him. She also requests prayers for her granddaughter Darshell whose daughter is supposed to leave foster care and be placed in Peola’s home. A woman is holding the transfer up so she prays that she will consent to the placement and that she can take care of the young child. Also she is having problems with blood pressure that is holding up cataract surgery. Please pray for God’s blessing on her health and this surgery.

Lenore, Solvang, FL: She requests prayer for the Lord’s blessings on her life and His guidance in all things in her life.

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