Nov 1, 2007

Penney, St. Petersburg, FL: She requests prayer for locating her lost jewelry. The thief goes to trial tomorrow and she prays that it will come out where the stolen jewelry is hidden.

Janet, Location Withheld: She requests prayer for learning to deal with people. She has always had a problem getting along with people because she doesn’t know what to say.

Anna, Seattle, WA: She requests prayer for her friends Diane and Wade, who have a deliverance ministry and are having problems with their marriage. Wade left her and has traumatized her and Anna prays that God will turn him around and lead him back to his home and wife. Also she prays that the people she works with will better understand her and that she will better understand them.

Darleen, Lansing, MI: She requests prayer for her son Eddie who has to go to court, and she is praying that he will get his life back on track through God’s guidance and help.

Quinita, Macon, GA: She requests prayer for that she will pass her drivers license test tomorrow and bless her family’s finances, and her baby.

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