Oct 11, 2007

Ladonna, Tampa, FL: She requests prayer for her family’s terrible situations in life. Everything turns in to a disaster. She and her family are suffering a generational curse and she has lost the will to live.

Mercedes, Tampa, FL: She requests prayer for her daughter who is in the midst of a divorce and she is being unfaithful and he is too. She prays for God’s blessings on her marriage. Also her husband left her, they are unequally yoked and she prays for God’s guidance and restoration of their marriage. Also she prays that God will intervene in her own marriage too as her husband has recently left her. She prays for these situations and that His will be done.

Penney, St. Petersburg, FL: She requests continued prayer for guidance to where she should look to recover her stolen jewelry. She prays that the man who stole them would reveal where they are.

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