Oct 31, 2007

Edith, Tampa, FL: She requests prayer for her visit to the doctor tomorrow, that it will be the right doctor and that he will have a correct diagnosis and treatment plan for her high blood pressure and she prays for God’s healing touch.

Virginia, New Port Richey, FL: She requests prayer for her daughter who woke up with a pain in her stomach and they are doing tests soon to find the cause.

Update: Tests showed that she has kidney stones and they are going to operate on her tomorrow.

Victoria, Arizona City, AZ: She requests prayer for a friend named Diane who has a ministry that delivers those who are involved in the occult. Diane needs a hedge of protection especially this time of year. Also she is involved in a fight over zoning for farmland that she owns because the rezoning would pave over this land. She needs prayer for favor.

Nicole, Seminole, FL: She requests prayer for a situation with a demonic ex-husband whom she finally got to move out. Their marriage brought much discord in their home and her daughter, Lindsey is very angry for bringing him into the home. She prays for God’s blessings on obtaining counseling for her.

Stacey, Tampa, FL: She requests prayer for healing of her body; she is having dizziness and memory problems ever since hitting her head and she is bipolar.

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