Sep 20, 2007

Penney, St. Petersburg, FL: She requests prayer for the successful recovery of jewelry stolen from her home and the prosecution of the thief.

Rena, Largo, FL: She requests prayer for Derrek, the father of her baby that he would be more polite and courteous in dealing with her and that he will turn around his situation and get a job; also prayer for her daughter Hannah, age 9, who has been coughing the past few nights, and for god’s healing and relief from the pain she is having from the stitches from a C section. She prays to get her life back to normal.

Shirley, St. Petersburg, FL: She requests prayer for God’s blessing on an upcoming interview for a very important position that will change her life in a very positive way. She prays for favor with the interviewer and God’s guidance during the interview.

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