Sep 26, 2007

Mike, Butler, GA: He requests prayer for God’s guidance as to where he should go. He was a pastor of a church and has recently resigned.

Peola, Canton, OH: She requests prayer for her upcoming cataract surgery, and God’s healing for the arthritis that is causing her so much pain and stiffness. Also she prays for a financial breakthrough in her life so that she may be able to pay her bills including the upcoming medical expenses.

Darlene,Canton, OH: She requests prayer for her son Eddie who went to court today and has to go back in October. She prays for God’s help for him to find a job and get himself together and not get in any more trouble; and prayer for her other son Kendall who is being held in a special house – she prays for his soon return to his wife and family; and for financial blessings on her and her family.

Darshell, Akron, OH: She requests prayer for her new fiancé that he will get out of jail and clean up things he has done in the past so he can get a new and better job – and he is an answer to prayer; she also prays for God’s blessings for her music career, and her finances; she also prays for her dear daughter who is only 5 that God will keep His hands around her, protect her and lead her to His salvation; and prayer for her sister Kendria that she will get a godly husband.

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