Sep 27, 2007

Anna, Seattle, WA: She requests prayer for the Streams of Healing deliverance ministry and the ministers Diane and Wade and their prayer warrior and assistant Vicki and the ministry as a whole. They have just undergone a huge satanic attack on the ministry and their marriage and all have suffered mightily through this ordeal. But God has His Hand on all things and they pray that all the lessons He has shown them will be learned quickly and painlessly, so that this ordeal will be finished. She praises the Lord for the strengthening of their faith has been accomplished through this ordeal and the many blessings that will follow.

Penney, St. Petersburg, FL: She requests continued prayer for the return of her stolen jewelry and guidance to what she should do to bring this about. Also prayer that Gary, the man who stole the jewelry will confess and return the goods to her.

Peola, Canton, OH: She prays for her son Vernard who is being accused of having something to with a riot that was in the jail he was in. She prays that belongings that were his went missing after he was transferred to another jail would show up, and to pray for him and his life that he will get back to the Lord and walk with Him.

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