Aug 9, 2007

Varshell, Akron, OH: She wants to thank God for blessing her so much lately and she requests prayer to find a Christian man who will be a good husband for her. She also requests prayer for her grandmother Peola, that she will find a new home and prosper as God would want for her. She prays for a financial blessing so that she will be able to get a rental car or carpools with others to go the American Idol auditions and that she will be chosen as one of the contestants.

Peola, Macon, OH:She requests prayer for her to get a home, she has been living in a motel for a long time and she prays for God’s blessing on her health on her physical condition, and a cataract operation and an end to the headaches she has been having. She also prays for her son’s attitude that it will get better and a God’s blessings on her finances.

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