Aug 15, 2007

Varshell, Akron, OH: She requests prayer for her job and for peaceful days with an overbearing superior. Also prayer for healing for the company’s kitchen cleaner, and for blessings on the upcoming trip to American Idol auditions, that they will get the rental car and that the trip is safe with blessings on her trip. She also prays for strength and courage during the auditions.

Peola, Canton, OH: Praise Report: She thanks God for leading her to a new home after living in a motel for the past two months. She requests prayer for her son in law who is in the hospital and is having problems with infection in his feet and stomach. She praises God for her new home and prays for His blessings on her new home and dealings with her new landlord. She also requests prayer for her youngest son who has problems with getting along with people. She also prays for her upcoming cataract operation, that God will bless the operation and give her perfect sight.

Kendria, Akron, OH: She requests prayer for her son in this school year, that it will start well for him and that he will get good grades. She also requests God’s blessings on her finances. And she prays for healing for her knee, and God’s blessing on her to deal with the death of her son in a miscarriage.

William, St. Petersburg, FL: He requests prayer for his work situation. They recently had a meeting and management said they will cut back employee's hours because business is slow. This is troubling to him because he just bought a new home and he is worried about earning enough to keep the home. He prays that business will go well, that his hours will be restored and that he will be able to keep his home.

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