Aug 23, 2007

Penney, St. Petersburg, FL: She requests prayer for getting her stolen jewelry and is considering hiring a private investigator. She prays for God’s guidance in locating the stolen jewelry as soon as possible.

Richard, Pinellas Park, FL: She requests prayer for blessings on his financial situation and help in dealing with difficult neighbors who are draining him and making his life miserable. We claim deliverance.

Anna, Seattle, WA: She requests prayer for healing for her friend Diane’s dad who is dying and needs salvation. She also prays to restore the balance in Diane’s family. Also her brother Michael needs healing, he had a kidney transplant that was successful but now has an infection and is taking medicine that suppresses his immune system; and for a settling of things in Diane’s heart, a healing..

Quinita, Macon, GA:
Pray for financial blessings for her and her household and the granting of social security for her daughter.

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