Aug 30, 2007

Jack, Apollo Beach, FL: He requests prayer for healing for his wife who is having stomach and ear ache pain. He asks for prayer for his back problems too.

Flo, Holiday, FL: She requests prayer for god’s blessings and protection for her children each morning and that she will feel like taking her neighbor on a trip tomorrow.

Thelma, Tampa, FL: She requests prayer for her friend Margaret whose husband just died. Pray that she will be able to cope with this situation and prepare for the funeral.

Peola, Canton, OH: She requests prayer for her grandson Eddie who was robbed recently, and someone spiked his drink with something that put him in the hospital. She prays that he will be able to stay away from the bad influences that is wrecking his life, and will stop worrying her and his mother. Also that God would give him special favor when he has to go to court soon.

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