Jun 14, 2007

Margarite, North Palm Beach, FL: She requests prayers for her working life. She needs to find a better job, one that pays better and isn’t so tiring and one that offers training in the medical field she has chosen. She also prays for more energy ahd nelp in doing the things she needs to do.

Dorothy, St. Petersburg, FL: She requests prayer for a friend who needs help desperately. He’s in a correctional center in Arizona, and for her peace o fmind. She isi upset and worried about this situation.

Varshell, Akron, OH: She requests prayer for a new home she is trying to get and for God’s blessings on a new job as an STNA - nurse assistant. Also she is trying out for the American Idol competition and she requests prayer for that. She is also praying for her grandmother, Peola, for God’s blessing on her, to lift her up and keep her safe from all harm and danger. And she prays for a husband.

Varshell, Akron, OH: She requests prayer for her grandmother’s health and her cataracts and her knees, also blessings on her financial situation and help with budgeting.

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