Jun 7, 2007

Dave, Elgin, IL: He requests prayer that his new insurance plan would start soon and cover all his prescriptions and he prays for God’s deliverance and an end to his depression.

Virginia, New Port Richey, FL: She requests prayer for her daughter who has come out of a coma and has learned how walk and she and her son is traveling tomorrow to see her and she prays for god’s blessings on the trip, traveling mercies, and that they will have a nice visit.

Penney, St. Petersburg, FL: She requests prayer for the health of her dog Keeta, who has lost a leg due to a tumor. The dog doesn’t want to do anything but lay around and Penney wants to get some help for her, maybe a wheel or some kind of prosthetic.

William, St. Petersburg, FL: He requests prayer for the problems with his wife, Deborah she is having a hard time, is very depressed, trying to live for God but she is still doing what she want sot do, She kicked him out, lawsuit against a company where she worked that she would come back to God

Varshell, Akron, OH: She requests prayer for her grandmother Peola who is about to move to Cincinnati, got her old job back pray for job security and she wants to buy a house there. She has recorded a gospel CD and she prays for the confidence in singing for the Lord. She also requests prayer for her uncle, a cousin and her fiancé and she prays for a husband.

Judy, Seffner, FL: She request prayer for a friend’s bad cold and for rain.

Elaine, Tampa, FL: She request prayer for healing and for financial blessings.

Callie, Tampa, FL: She requests prayer for her daughter Debra she had two heart attacks on the job and her employers want to let her go without any benefits and she and her mother are very depressed over this situation. Also she requests prayer for her grandson who has a calling on his life and is being influenced away from the Lord by a family member. He needs to get back on track.

Robert, St. Petersburg, FL: He requests prayer for healing and is having pain in his body, and neck and back and shoulder.

Karen, Sea Side, CA: She requests prayer for her sister’s 3 year-old baby who just drowned in a garden pond today. Their family is still grieving since her father just died in April.

Tina, Dublin, GA: Praise report – After praying for more than a month about a very depressing situation, she got a word from God, a revelation about the situation and has been delivered from suicidal depression! She praises the Lord!

Susan, Clearwater. FL: She requests prayer for t6 get a 16b. She is now off medication and feeling much better.

Thelma, Tampa, FL: Prayer to see and talk to her friend John.

Paul, St. Petersburg, FL: Needs prayer for strength and a closer walk with The Lord.

Florence, New Port Richey, FL: Prayer for a new job, she needs to go to vocational rehabilitation to improve her job skills. She has trouble dealing with people who she works with and needs strength. She also needs a financial blessing and God’s in dealing with this stressful situation.

Penney, St. Petersburg, FL: Prayer to get her stuff back from a man b roker into her home and who stole it.

Elaine, Palm Harbor, FL: She requests prayer for her son who has had a fever, is 39 years old. She also requests prayer for the illness she has been having and prays for guidance and strength.

Jeanne, Tarpon Springs, FL: She requests prayer for her son. She had to put him in a hospice. He gave up the will to live and couldn’t take care of himself anymore; he has HIV. She also requests prayer for her daughter who is an alcoholic and all she does is scream and holler and pick fights with her mother. She resents her mother because her brother is in the hospice.

Robert, St. Petersburg, FL: He requests prayer for healing of his kidneys and his mind.

Tina, Dublin, GA: She requests prayer for deliverance from the fiery darts of the enemy which keeps tormenting her every day.

Mary, St. Petersburg, FL: She requests prayer for a friend who is 97 years old and had a fall and is feeling pretty bad.

Judy, Seffner, FL: Prayer for her family and her daughter who is being blamed for causing trouble in their trailer park.

Susan, Clearwater, FL: Prayer for God’s blessings for a bad relationship and that God will make a way to get out of this situation. She is going through much agony and constant turmoil.

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